How Bond Gets The Women--Hint: It Ain't the Tux

Scandalous was the word years back when it was announced that ultra-spy and alpha-male role model James Bond was ditching his Aston Martins and was set to drive a BMW in the newer action epics. Sure they are great to sport around in, especially when outfitted with the Non-factory options courtesy of Q, but a new survey proves that the real reason behind the Bavarian selection is that it draws the women.

The laugher of this study is that at the bottom of the list was Porsche. Some may argue this to be due to the abscense of a backseat worthy of some rest stop action, but I offer that this supports the theory that drivers of these cars are engaged in a desperate act of compensation. You have to love that these lonely hearts would have been seeing more attention if they had saved money and bought a Volkswagen.

This information also may throw a new angle on the sweepstakes to replace Brosnan as Bond. The star of "Croupier", Clive Owen was among the first names to be mentioned as the new Bond, and as you may recall he played the the title role of "The Hire", the stylish collection of short films by...BMW Films. At least we know that if Clive does not get the role he will still get the lady.

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