Little of Import, Lots of Insignifica

China Draws a Bizarre Conclusion—In a possible effort to preserve the purity of their bloodline, China’s State Administration of Radio, Film and Television declared they have banned entertainment that mixes live-action humans and animated characters. Shockwaves were felt as SAG members expressed anger at the possibility of not getting to work with blue-screens.

They Are Anti-Hunting, But Pro-Guns – Those chuckle-heads at PETA have spoken again, and they are ripe with material as usual. This time the starlet in their cross hairs is Eva Longoria, who raised the hackles of the group by declaring she was a proficient hunter in her youth. A spokesman from the organization has a recommendation for the “Housewife”: her next hunting trip should include the errant-aiming Dick Cheney. Shooting her in the face may in fact be acceptable, as long as the rest of her remains pristine.

So Much for Me Going to an Opera Now—I don’t want to call into question anyone’s career considering the professional plight of blog writing and such, but when you have to call a press conference to declare you won’t be disrobing—maybe talent isn’t at the top of your resume’.

Somebody Get the Man a Billboard Magazine—Kanye West illustrates how intuitive he can be. While at the British music awards--in Britain--he expressed shock that his music is lumped into a category labeled “Urban”. Somewhere Mike Myers freezes in apoplectic shock.

First Hush Puppies Makes Mall Walkers, Now This—Need I point out the obvious here?! If you were to market shoes to illegals hoping to make it into America wouldn’t it occur to you that most, if not all, of your target demographic couldn’t afford your product? And we should be applauded for our restraint in not invoking a marketing slogan from a certain fast-food chain.

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