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As If She Wasn't White Enough, You Dolts

While everyone has seen the images of Paris Hilton doused by the fuzzy-brained fur protestors at PETA, what I wanted was an explanation on what the hell was the purpose? The quadraped-snugglers were not dissapointing with their take:

"There is nothing remotely fashionable about the torture and death of animals killed for fur," PETA Europe's Yvonne Taylor told the BBC. Julien Macdonald may have been able to ignore images of bloody skinned animals gasping for breath in the past, but hopefully a dash of flour will help him rise to the occasion and forsake fur once and for all."

To paraphrase--when graphic depictions of tortured livestock fail to sway your foes, resort to attacks with cookie condiments. A few asides-- One article in a British paper has this tidy little nugget:

The 24-year-old recently made headlines after admitting she did not know that London was in Britain.

And lastly, a film maker in India has many peoople in a fit because he has the inspired idea to cast Paris as (you are best to sit for this) Mother Theresa

. The wizard behind this decision sites her decision not to pose for Playboy as the reasoning she could fill the sainted nun's sandals. I think everybody should relax however. Once she finds out she'll have to spend the entire film in those off-the-rack form-covering cerulian togs she will toss the script away like it is a TV costar.

When In Trouble Blame It On The Hooker

Tom Sizemore has been in the midst of one of Hollywood's better flameouts in recent years. The drugs, the hookers, the portrayal of Pete Rose--all have contributed to a tailspin from an already low altitude, b-list perch. So captivated was America with his plight that he could only land a prized interview with Donny Deutsch and his "Big Idea Show". (It's OK that you haven't heard of it, it is on CNBC.) During the "exclusive" Sizemore came clean and revealed the weakness that led him down the path to that Hollywood euphamism for fried-to-the-gills-on-substance-abuse, "Exhaustion"--It was all Heidi Fleiss' Fault!!!:

"She got me onto this drug called crystal methamphetamine; I never used that before. The drug really got me.I told her, 'When I come back to LA, I'm gonna be shooting in LA, I'm the star of the programme, I'm part owner... This stuff has got to stop and I can't stop if you don't stop. You've gotta stop,' and she didn't."

It was also revealed that years earlier to the relationship with the enabling Madam, while shooting the film "Heat", Deniro had to pull TommyBoy aside and grill him about getting into rehab. But he wasn't getting the shakes from an addictioin to Ice. Back then it was only Heroin. "I would take just enough to be not sick.", the cleaner actor said, "I was completely within my faculties when I was working." So the lesson kids, if you find yourself sharing drugs with your live-in prostitute girlfriend, and she ramps up the debauchery to stronger stuff, just say no.

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