The High Minded and the Low Brow

Talk about swinging from both ends of the pendulum. Within one day I went from the vanguard showcase of independant films to attending a Monster Truck rally. My ears popped from the cultural decompression. Before you vilify me understand, the tickets were bought in advance by outside parties who guilted us into joining--and there were kids involved.

I'm sure everyone has their favorite memory of behemoth pickups rumbling across the screen, but I choose to dodge the normal redneck trappings. I've got three cherished memories. There was the moment where Bill Murray used a car-smasher for bargaining leverage. Independant cinema saw Billy Bob Thornton lose his SUV to the jaws of "Truskasaurus", (or was that "Fordzilla" ?) But the best had to be when we all witnessed oppression leveraged against the populace of a small town in Patrick Swayze's immortal classic.

Of course, if you feel the need for something other than speed, here's your chance to win a trip to the Monster Jam World Finals! Don't laugh, it's in Vegas--Billy Bob only made it to Reno, and he lost his leaser in the process.

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