Buying Into the Hype

Tommorow is one of the biggest national events of the year--the annual running of the Super Bowl Ads! This, remakably, is something that really excites people to the extent that there are news items concerning what is to appear. One question I always have: "What percentage of folks with a keen interest in these commercials are the same sort who complain about the advertising in movie thaters? Not that it matters, because about one half of tommorow's audience won't care that much about the football game.

There has been some minor controversey around CBS refusing the winning anti-Bush commercial from MoveOn.org, but they are not alone in their discomfiture. Those daffy sorts from the People For Ethical Treatment of Animals have their own ad getting the shaft. PETA contends that their commercial is just as legitimate as that of the brewing companies who use bikini clad sales gals in commercials. Hint to PETA: guys who watch those ads are monosyllabic dolts. To wit--Beer, Breasts, Babes, Butts, Vegetarianism. Where do you think you lost them? Still, I might have paid attention for a little while.

There has been talk of a minute long boycott of Super Bowl commercials, but honestly if they wanted to get the audience to switch off the game they'd throw their efforts behind a different event entirely.

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