Big Deal, Today is 5 of May

For reasons only the gurus at Corona and Tostitos can explain millions of American xenophobes will take this day to embrace the culture of another country. More accurately, they will take the occasion of a barely understood holiday from South-of-the-Border to ingest copious amounts of tequila, further depleting the dwindling agave harvest. I'm not close to being Mexican and I still resent the eradication of national fauna in order to guild the vaults of Sammy Hagar.

It might not be a bad idea to avoid streets choked with collegians polluted with Dos Equis and secretaries made amorous by 3-for-1 margaritas. You can go two routes. There is the Orson Welles classic "Touch of Evil". Just don't giggle at Chuck Heston in the role of Ramon Miguel Vargas. If you want spicy you could go with "Y tu Mama Tambien" Stylish action more your speed, pick one of the Robert Rodriguez trilogy. Personally I say go with a great story of unrequited love, "Like Water for Chocolate". The book was infinitely better than "Bridges of Madison County", (but so are the Yellow Pages) and the film is beautifully shot while staying faithful to the story.

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