Ducka You Head, Lollobrigida

With a war raging in the Gulf and the Stanley Cup Playoffs in full swing the Canadian Parliment was tackling the tough issues--how to pronounce the name of an Italian septugenarian actress. Not properly schooled on the intricacies of North-of-the-border politics I can only speculate what the hell parliment members were doing discussing Gina Lollobrigida.

Apparently one member "accused" a former minister of "rubbing shoulders with aging Italian sex kitten Gina Lollobreegeeda." One of the ministers called him an "idiot" because of the mispronunciation, and then the accuser apologized for offending "the aging sex kitten community," in the most sincere of tones. I'm going to go on a limb here and declare that once you cross the 3/4 century mark you may still be considered a beauty, but you should forfeit the right to be declared a sex-kitten. My take.

I look forward to the day my child can open a news paper and see an exchange like this in our own Congress:

Trent Lott III: I am dismayed to find I have seen reports that the former director of the Dept. of Transportation was seen on the town with that movie star minx DEM-y Moore while her husband Haley Joel Osmet was in California accepting his Oscar!

Tom Daschle Jr: Lott you imbecile! It's pronounced Dem-EE!

Lott III: I'm sorry if I offended the surgically augmented senescent stripper community."

Nah, it must be a Canadian thing.

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