Something to Make Israelis Grateful Towards the Palastinians

And, because of a ban, they figured this out without seeing "Body of Evidence".

On the heels of Brittany's laughable "Onyx Hotel" tour her vulgarian idol Madonna is hitting the road with her own traveling circus, "The Who Asked For It?" tour. Or rather, she's calling it the "Re-Invention Tour", which may be her most honest appraisal of her career. She's also experiencing numerous snags, a-la Ms. Spears.

On her second stop in L.A. she had to cancel due to a stomach flu. Then word came that she was cancelling 3 stops in Israel after she received credible death threats from Palestinian terrorists. A source from the Madonna camp said, "She thought she was being targeted because of her Jewish Kabbalah religion."
You know, because when we think of Madonna we think of a deeply religious woman.

This same source tried to explain the Hamas hatred. But this group were threatening her (sic) because she represents many things they hate about the West. Tough to gripe about that reasoning. Her filmography--from "Shanghai Surprise" to her most recent wreckage, "Swept Away" is enough to have her dragged into the International Court in The Hague.

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