Danny Ocean on the Other Side of the Pond

George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh teamed a few years for the hyper-slick heist remake of "Ocean's 11" and delivered a great picture. Sure it was a big puffy meringue of a movie, but it dodged being a stupid and bloated affair by sporting a decent script and packing the cast with varied professionals who had fun giving solid performances.

The success of the movie would certainly cause a studio to salivate at the promise of a sequel, but the difficulty of bringing the 12 principals back for a redux is eased by the fact that Clooney and Soderbergh's production company Section 8 are behind this, and the entire crew wants to work together again. This time the effort takes place in Europe with them hitting 3 major cities. A new poster has just come out, looking very close in style to their original, indicating a continuation of the same quality.

One piece of originality in marketing involves the European backdrop. The film is actually working with a team on the Formula-1 circuit, acting as primary sponsor for one of the Jaguar racers. Their debut is this weekend in Monaco.

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