Now Your Cargo Shorts Will Need Another Pocket for the Remote

Right after the United Nations stepped in to bring an end to the hostilities of Battle Bots comes a movie to once again bring divisiveness to the arena of automatons. July 16 will see the release of the film "I, Robot", (Flash intensive) a story in which a mechanized serf is accused of murder, a violation of Isaac Asimov's 3 laws of robots. I never gave these laws much weight. When you have kids who can program a computer to mail them updates every time a photographer gets a picture of Brittany Spears falling out of her dress what is to keep someone from sending a robot out to dispose of that neighbor who runs his leaf blower at 7:00 in the morning on Saturday?)

Fox has come up with a unique marketing ploy to push the Will Smith film. They have people walking about with T-shirts implanted with an 11 inch television monitor and speakers. The idea, hatched by a San Francisco ad firm called Brand Marketers, involves having hired hands--referred to as "brand Ambassadors"--walk around clusters of people in malls and comic book conventions while the movie trailer plays on their shirts. I would guess that there are limitations to prospective hirees. After all if you have an "ambassador" who is, shall we say, particularly enhanced or endowed their physique would throw off the aspect ratio. Unless you want the anamorphic effect.

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