Scattershot Entries

Much to discuss and yet nothing warranted a post unto itself. Thus, a buffet of blogosphere bunkum.

Dunkin Donuts Is Next: The documentary "Super Size Me" gets its national release today, expanding to 113 screens, and you can follow along with director Morgan Spurlock as he plugs his film. As of now I hear there is no screening scheduled in Florida so we here at the theater are looking into bringing it in.

Proof There is a God--And He Punishes: The most uncalled for sequel...EVER! Word escaped that for reasons nobody can fathom a sequel is slated for "Deuce Bigalow: Male Giggalo". As if you needed evidence of this being a disaster a list of insurrections already promised is offered: Rob Schneider will both reprise and co-write the script, the director Mike Bigelow will make his debut after being a commercial lenser, and it will co-star box office poison Eddie Griffin. You know, in other countries this is considered a war crime.

Can't Miss the Single Entendre: There has been an upheaval about the Olsen Twins appearing in a new "Got Milk" ad, specifically what those moustaches could be interpreted as representing, now that they are nearly 18. My outrage is more esoteric. Who does Ashley think she is fooling wearing a shirt with the Velvet Underground's Warhol Album cover? Lou Reed has Honda Scooters that are older than the twins.

Still Too Classy an Event for Him:Tom Green, who has made a career out of killing his career, has seen himself marginalized as much as he can be in movies. He is hosting a show celebrating movie trailers.