Skirts Are The New Codpiece

Don't get me wrong, I like self confidence as much as any other testosterone choked trog. But Brad Pitt may be a little caught up in his assuredness with the upcoming epic "Troy". In discussing the historical film he declares that it will be the catalyst in a fashion movement--men wearing skirts.

Pitt declares that "Men will be wearing skirts by next summer." To paraphrase that great thinker Arthur Bach: They'd have to be real big men. Pitt's prognostication however won't stand up to introspection. Look at some recent examples of men waging fierce battle in knee-length fashions--Oscar winners both--and no subsequent haberdasher shift was trumpeted in Esquire. In fact, if seeing these movies inspired donning a tartan ensemble the public reaction would certainly mean you would want to also imitate defense strategies that were featured.

Going on a limb I'll state there are truly only two instances where pulling on such an outfit is permissible. One, you are of Scottish decent and are attending a wedding or wake concerning said clan. Second, you are at an outlandish bacchanal and said skirt is fashioned from grass. Otherwise you can end up looking a tad out of style.

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