Delusions of Sandler

When it comes to consistently distasteful performances you have to consider the body of work of Adam Sandler. And if his work is not bad enough his production company unleashes other oppressive offerings from his co-conspirators.

What I was surprised to hear was that Sandler is known for not granting access to himself to the press. I never realized this because I pay no attention to him and he does lower himself to appear on the occassional Leno show when he has a movie to flog. But apparently he and his handlers have a "no press" policy, and I guess I should be thankful. I came to find out about this from the Peter Bart piece in Variety, where he secured an interview with the aloof clown.

Actually I can see why Sandler wants to duck the press, given the target he has on his back regarding his misdeeds. Still, the biting questions do not seem to justify the testiness in his responses. In a discussion of the seriousness of his work he proclaims,
"I had to show Jack Nicholson how to do his schtick."
May I be one to suggest nobody shows Nicholson how to do anything?

When Bart mentioned Adam's movies getting raked over the coals in the press he gave a curious response:
"Chaplin didn't always please the critics either."
Is he really comparing himself to Chaplin? I can respond and say "Alf" didn't always please critics as well. But Sandler isn't the only one prone to pomposity, as Bart compares his interview with Sandler to Tim Russert interviewing President Bush. Sandler's people however surpassed him. When trying to secure the interview Bart pointed out to Adam's press rep that Bush did the Russert interview this was her response:
"But Adam is not the President."
Truer words may not have been spoken. At least she didn't suggest that Sandler had a better year.

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