Mel Hath Fury, Women Scorned

Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" has exploded at the box office and the headlines. Ever since the press hungrily covered the death of the Kansas woman during a viewing of the film (apparently this is the first movie to kill people) the stories continue.

First, we hear the Devil watched films in Georgia. One lady in a small town was among the many customers to notice what the manager said was "Absolutely a coincidence."--the movie tickets were printed with 666 on them. "Several people have commented on it, but only one made a stink about it." he reported. That lady demanded the tickets be exchanged with passes so she wouldn't be in possession of the tickets and, I guess, risk possession.

Next we hear of a woman in Conneticut who drove her car into an area lake because, as she stated, she was trying to reenact a scene from the film. Since I haven't seen the movie could someone tell me--what kind of car does Jesus drive? The assumption is that she may have been aiming for a baptism of sorts according to police: :
"She drove her vehicle partly off the bank. Just the front of the car was in the water."
Since she seems to have at least baptized the car she may have ironically lost her vehicle and saved her vehicle at the same time.

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