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In honor of the fact that today my daughter is officially one half of the way towards 16 candles, (a prospect I am not looking forward to) I will turn over the content of this site to her. The newly christened 8-year-old chooses the subjects:

"Shrek 2"--This is the most anticipated movie of the summer. I recall the hit that the original had been, with the DVD being played ten times in the span of three days, including one stretch of three concurrent viewings back-to-back. This was not a child zoning out like a labotomized tree-sloth, this was interactive enjoyment. She laughed harder during the later repeats than at the beginning. It still works in a pinch for these parents.

"Shark Tale"--This is targeted for an October release, and it may be as anticipated as Shrek, as we are fond of the deep sea predators in this home. (Shark Week is always big around here.) Before you dismiss this effort as a rip-off of "Finding Nemo" this has a cast that is beyond impressive, as well as varied. From DeNiro, to Jack Black to...Ziggy Marley as a jellyfish? Count us in.

Kim Possible--The best show in the world. And guess what? In just a few days, a new KP DVD will be coming out. That's ever so cool!

Lilo and Stitch--(This one is more for me) Since I get out of work late most nights for amusement I'll tune in to George Noori on "AM Coast to Coast". If you are unfamiliar, this is the remnants of old Art Bell program, where the Dale Gribbles of the world can listen in from their basements to hear validation to their crackpot theories. On Tuesday George had a guest who was all over the map and stated, among numerous other declarations, that "Stitch" was definitively the infamous Latin American beast, the Chupacabra.
Now I don't mean to question a vaunted authority on such matters, but I'll need some clarity on a few items. For starters, this being is not only from outer space, he is an experiment created by aliens. Secondly, the mythical scourge kills livestock all over Central and South America--Stitch meanwhile set up shop in Hawaii. And I don't even want to get into the whole Elvis thing with this guy.

Happy Birthday Taylor. You Know I'll always think of you in my own way.

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