Stiffler Gets Himself Stiffed at Nightclub

Ocassionally a dumb-ass Hollywood story comes along and is actually a feel-good story. As much as it pains me to reference Sean William Scott in this space, this couldn't be passed over. The story goes Scott was not content to sit at the back of a line outside a nightclub so he went to the front to pull rank on the doorman. Just his luck he drew the lone doorman in LA who might be able to read, because as he unloaded his filmography in the hopes of slipping in he got rebuffed. Sean William even detailed the exchange for a stringer from BANG Showbiz as he acted like his name was on the ENTRY list:

He goes, 'You're not here.' And I was like, 'That's weird, I called my publicist. Um, have you seen 'American Pie'?' He's like, 'No.' 'Have you seen 'Road Trip'?' 'No.' ''Dude, Where's My Car?'' 'No.'"
Reading that, I'm like, no way! When "Dude, Where's my Car" can't get you access it's time to pack it in and go to Bennigans.

If you want even more nightclub disaster involving Sean William you can rent "Stark Raving Mad", his foray into the direct-to-rental realm. He has about as much luck with this role as he had getting into the party.

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