So Where Are the Men?

We slipped down to the beach today for some needed sun and surf time, completely oblivious to the fact that the annual Secondary Education Hiatus was just underway. No arguement that this has become a far cry from a bygone era, or even the era that I remember enduring. Back then you could bastardize the heroism at Iwo Jima by having Schlitz-polluted Greeks staking their claim on the bare hip of a lounging co-ed without hearing the charge of them being unpatriotic.

No matter the changes, many of the elements appear to still be in place today: Churlish frat boys that focus on bikinis only slightly more than their own abs; gaggles of nubiles wallowing in turpitude; t-shirt shops selling cotton decrees promoting wanton sex and marijuana consumption with jackhammer subtlety; and of course the perfect melding of hot bods and frozen margaritas. (Of course my own memory is littered with warm beer and cold shoulders, but that is for another blog.)

If you'd like live updates to the bacchanalia drop in on this historic locale and see the cutting edge webcams.

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