If He Gets Arrested in Hollywood He Has a Career Again

The career descent of Jason Patric is a bit puzzling. The actor, recently picked up for a drunken/disorderly charge in Austin, had everything in place to be a Hollywood fixture, and yet he has failed to actually become embedded into popularity, having to settle with nibbling around the fringe with lesser, but solid efforts.

Jason lept into the scene with a dream role as a hunkthrob of a vampire in "The Lost Boys", even upstaging Keifer's mullet in the hearts of teen girls. He followed that with respectable work in "Rush".

What may have sunk his rise was his attempt at action star in "Speed 2" a film that has to be regarded as nothing less than disaster. While Sandy went on to better things it took 5 years for anyone to think of touching Patric with a decent role, but he did good work with Ray Liotta in "Narc"

The good news for Jason is that his arrest is a sign that Hollywood may be giving him a real break. His arrest comes just days before the opening of "The Alamo", in which he co-stars. Studios wouldn't trust a nobody to go ahead with incarceration for the sake of publicity of a film. Jason, you may have finally made it.

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