"Peking, We Have a Problem"

All the world was a titter when it was discovered China sent a manned space vehicle into orbit. Well a couple of people noticed, at least. However red flags, if not red lanterns, went off in China when their astronaut Yang Liwei announced that the long held belief that The Great Wall of China could be viewed from outerspace was bunkum. He never saw it, and the citizens were crestfallen.

But now the Mainland patriotism has become reinvigorated by American supernal traveler Gene Cernan who has backed up the long held belief by stating that he has seen The Wall from orbit. Cernan, the last man to actually walk on the moon--before Jim Carey--brings curious thoughts for the billion or so Chinese. Their own 'naught missed the landmark and now they have to rely on an American to reinstitute national pride. They haven't felt this kind of ambivalence since a skirt successfully fought back the Huns.

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