10 Years Later They Dance Alone

How cool is it to be ahead of the curve? Granted in my case it was maybe by a month at best, but still, I feel on the cutting edge. Some weeks back, in an effort to add to the film schedule at the theater I contacted Pete Baxter, co-founder of the Slamdance Film Festival. Knowing they have a slate of films that tour around and beyond the nation I inquired into bringing a few Slamdance titles to our venue.

Pete was all for it, offering me 2 titles, and come April 24 we'll be showing the first of their films, "Faster", a documentary covering the Moto GP racing bike series. The doc is narrarated by Ewan McGregor, himself a motorcycle devotee.

It turns out that as I was calling Pete had in the works a plan to branch out into film distribution from the Slamdance offices. "Faster" and another title we are mulling, "Better Housekeeping" are two of the first films the new division will be distributing. The downside is that Baxter is stepping down from the position of the director of the Slamdance Festival in Park City.

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