Ted Turner's All-Star Game

You may be thinking, "When was Ted Turner in a movie?", and you'd be excused for missing the times he inserted himself in costume in the bloated Civil War epics he financed that nobody saw. But it was not Turner the thespian that granted the Atlanta mogul a Star on Hollywood's walk-of-fame. Judging by the octogenarian posse at his side--aqua musical queen Esther Williams, actress and dancer Betty Garrett, former child stars Margaret O'Brien and Cora Sue Collins(and no Jane Fonda curiously enough)--Ted was being feted for his efforts in the classic film arena.

Garrett summed up what Turner Classic Movies means to those from the bygone eras. This line would be utterly hilarious if it were not an attributable quote--(as it stands it is merely funny):
"It's really wonderful to see myself at 3 in the morning when I was young,".
I would like to suggest that the only way an 85 year old former dancer sees 3:00 am is when someone slips her a cake with cream frosting and the lactose has her tossing in bed. Now before you fly off half-cocked about my "ageism", or that she probably has Tivo, let me give you the take of the reporter of this piece, Sarah Tippet. She describes the actresses in attendance as "A gaggle of yesteryear's movie stars, rouged and primped yet slightly unsteady in high heels." Let me say this much--should the laws of physics and nature become defied and I actually manage to see my 85th year I hereby grant permission to anyone that they can point out my Depends undergarments and call me "Slappy".

What wasn't mentioned in the article was that as the party for Ted was breaking up he was overheard saying that he was concerned that all of the stars on the sidewalk appeared to be monochromatic and that something should be done to fix the problem.

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