Edgy, Controversial--But No One Says Talented

World famous actress and occassional troubador Britany Spears is set to further emulate her idol Madonna by releasing a video so controversial in nature you will completely over look the horrid quality of her music.

Her upcoming single "Everytime" will have a video that depicts Spears in a scene of catharsis for many in the audience: she will commit suicide in the video. Reputedly her label, Jive Records, is excited at the project, with someone inside the company calling it "edgy".

Edgy, despite the fact that the David LaChapelle video visits the breakup of Britany with Justin Timberlake, leading to her lying lifeless in a tub. And Timberlake's role is going to be played by the completely un-edgy charisma vacum, Stephan Dorff. Dorff, star of memory defying titles like "Space Truckers" and "Fear Dot Com" in role of boy-band fly-guy Timberlake may provoke the unthinkable--people turning their heads away and actually listening to Spear's music.

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