Self-Aggrandizing, Gratuitous, or Auto-Lauditory: You Decide

On the front page of Film Threat today my dormant column entitled Milk Carton Cinema gets reinvigorated with a long-winded treatise on the film "Krippendorf's Tribe". It is a heartwarming and touching experience for all and I recomend it to any person looking for a feel-good moment of treacle. I'm talking about my column--the movie blows walnuts.

For the uninitiated or those with carpal tunnel who can't close this page, Milk Carton Cinema is a deep exploration into movies that came into theaters with a huge push from the studio and was essentially ignored by the general public and evoporated off screens in no time at all. I attempt to unearth the reasons and machinations behind these movies which were given every opportunity to succeed yet never came close, with the intention that studios may learn from these failures and in the end provide a higher quality form of entertainment. No, I don't pretend to have all the answers...that is why I used the word "attempt".

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