Tampa Bay Safe from Pancetta on the Hoof

Let's get it out of the way, it is rather obvious how this story makes it into the blog. After weeks of tracking and attempts at capture the porcine fugitive that had the run of a city and eluded capture was finally subdued.

It took a helicopter, two search dogs and four squad cars according to the AP. You know, if the crack den operators in Tampa are paying attention all they need to do to boost sagging sales figures is to release livestock into the suburbs and the authorities will be duly occupied.

Over the course of a few weeks here is what was involved in the capture: Men with lassos, animal rights freaks with nets, and residents with baited traps. The article does not say why the pig couldn't be shot and used for a really kick-ass Bar-B-Que breakfast for the posse, but the flower beds and landscaping around Ybor City are safe once again. The police lieutenant credits one of his officers for tracking the terror all night and the subsequent capture.

To the cop who cornered the vandal I'd like to say: "That'll do
Pig, that'll do."

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