Making You My Baby

There really was only one thing that could come to mind with this story(may have to register). A Chicago area man on Monday commited a car jacking and happened to also come away with an additional parcel. The car's owner left the engine running as he darted into a store to run an errand. He also left his 11 month old strapped in the car seat.

Desperate calls were made to the cell phone, which had also been left in the car, at which point Nate Davis, who was tooling around with friends, proceeded to demand $10,000 for the return of the child.
When the not too clever felon was quickly caught with the child it was found in good condition

In court the unstable Davis referred to his kidnapping as a "Five finger discount", but clearly he had his hands full, while not dealing with a full deck. Eventually the family was reunited, a happy ending for all. I'm not sure why this story raises so many memories.

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