He Was Also Unbelievable In "The Negotiator"

It was a tough weekend for Kevin Spacey First, he called the police in London to inform them that he had been mugged and roughed up in a section of town near the theater where he is serving as director. However after a few days of contemplation he went back to police to let them in on the fact that he was weaving a story not quite to the level of Verbal Kint. His new explanation to what happened was he was a victim of theft.

Turns out Keyser Soze was duped by a simple scam--or as Spacey described it, "Such a good con." The complex graft involved a young kid wanting to borrow his cell phone for an emergency and then bolting with the Nokia. The injuries were incurred when Kevin tried to give chase and tripped over his pet, knocking himself around. Kevin then says he was "taken by the oldest con going." On this I have to quibble. I'm sure, for instance, that they were playing 3-card-monty in Times Square long before cell phones were around.

The police meanwhile were at least a little curious why it was Spacey found himself in this section of London known as a cruising point for gays. His answer--"My doggy had to go." What, What?
Now for some time speculation has swirled around Spacey's sexual preference, fueled in part by his refusal to acknowledge one way or the other. If I may weigh in on the subject, the homosexual cruising park not withstanding, I suggest few if any hetero men--and most retrosexuals even--would use the term "doggie" to refer to their pet. Few would even have a mutt small enough to be classified in such a manner. My 2 cents.

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