Treatment Engine Pt.1

A semi-irregular assessment of proof that there are new ideas in Hollywood based on some of the scripts recently purchased in Dreantown, USA.

Goodbye to Romance--Based on an article from Arena magazine about Russian mail-order brides. If the title does not clue you in to an absence of delicate emotions this script has been flagged to be produced by the mind behind, "Road Trip", "Old School" and "Starsky and Hutch", Todd Phillips.

Honeymoon from Hell--Don't expect any lurid bacchanalia in Hades here, rather it sounds more like a "3's Company" script gone feature. Bride and groom call off their wedding and each independently decide to go on the honeymoon, she with a bridesmaid, he with the best man. It doesn't really say, but I'm guessing hilarity ensues!

(Untitled)--Michael Kalesniko is set to write this comedy about an American experiencing the cultural differences in London. Prospects are questionable because of this line: "Based on an idea by Keanu Reeves."

Spy Hunter--Set to ride with The Rock/Duane Johnson behind the wheel as he attempts to stretch himself as an action star. The story, based on the 80's video game of same name, was rewritten, ostensibly because character and plot made things murky.

The Bird--Each year the President of These States pardons the execution of a turkey in honor of Thanksgiving. This will be a comedy focusing on a hapless White House staffer who has to deal with wrangling the turkey for this ceremony. I'd say the audience potential is limited given the tens of millions of Americans who ignore the Presidential example and devour turkey on Thursday.

Cordless--Writer Oren Moverman is setting himself up to be the next Joe Esterhas. It is left to find out if this is intentional or not. In what is sounding like a very "Sliver"-like story this film centers on voyeurism in a building with unattractive males in the lead roles. Instead of Billy Baldwin we are promised Malcom McDowell, Steve Buscemi, and Fisher Stevens.

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