"Reschedule Larry King, and get me Paul Mitchell on the Phone!"

This night tens of millions of Americans, (including my own wife) are glued to "Must See TV" because they must see the conclusion of "The Apprentice". For weeks avaricious social climbers lay their dignity prostrate before a bizarrely coiffed captain of industry in the hopes of becoming his close personal lackey. You may in fact have fallen prey to this guilty pleasure, but do not feel guilty, this is actually a great lesson in economics. Or office politics, at least.

The disturbing aspect of this is not only the fact that a soulless capitalist is allowed to once again rise to heights in the public consciousness, but also that Nubian succubus Omarosa managed to delve her poisonous character into the hearts of viewers everywhere. For the past few weeks this was a nation that concertedly announced "That Omarosa is a total C***!"

Personally I haven't see one episode. I have however appropriated the termination method of "The Donald" in my everyday life. Like when the woman at the doughnut shop botches my order I point at her with a bent hand and jut it towards her as I snap off a "You're Fired!" It gets me curious looks but inside I feel warm and satisfied. I also can't get too critical of the viewing public. When it comes to a predatory boss who terrorizes his charge and requires supplicant behavior I guess I know what the appeal is.

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