The Cheesecake Factor

Bettie Page has to be considered the quintessential pin-up model in this country. She had huge popularity in the tight-sphincter era of the 1950's but she may be even more popular these days. Bettie broke barriers, incurred the wrath of congress, and appeared in and on everything from magazines, movies, album covers, and adolescent imagination.

She inspires many to emulate her today, including a new generation of performers (and their movie), including the reigning queen, Dita VonTeese. I like Bettie for the sheer volume of undergarments she incorporated in her voluminous portfolios. Garters and stockings were a given, but there was all manner of lingere', gloves, diaphanous delicates, and yes corsets as well.

Work is underway to make a feature film about the photogenic poser and you have to feel good that Gretchen Mol is picked for the lead. I first noticed her as Matt Damon's arm candy in the excellent "Rounders", and lately she has been a key player for Neil LaBute. It will be interesting to see how the flaxen femme appears as the raven-haired model.

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