SE7EN, Coming Out

All right, it is already released, but the title wouldn't have sounded as good. After some searching I finally wrangled a copy of the new Platinum Edition of "SE7EN" and I am still pouring through the myriad options. This is an edition for film obsessives like myself, but if you have even a passing interest in movies beyond something to occupy yourself while eating popcorn you should grab this 2 disc set.

David Fincher became a star director as a result of this effort, and for good reason. While Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt both do excellent work it is clear the star of this show is Fincher. From his visuals to the intricately staged sets it is a film to absorb with repeat viewings.

"SE7EN" is the kind of movie that begs to be fetishized and this package provides the goods for forensic viewing. There are four full-length commentary tracks: One with the stars, the second has a large number of the production staff, the third has the cinematography team, and the last has the sound technicians, with Fincher sitting in on all four tracks. There is also an exploration of the revolutionary title sequence and a detailed account of the creation of John Doe's obsessive notebook's.

This is as close as I get to slobbering fanboy adulation with a movie. I've had to towel off the drool on the remote a few times already. There is set to be a sequel--"SE7EN2" if you can believe it. Freeman is back, Fincher is a maybe, and Ted Griffin who wrote "Ocean's Eleven" is behind the story. I'll reserve judgement while not getting my hopes up.

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