Get In Touch With Your Inner Dude--Just Don't Micturate on the Carpet

This is why comedians hate to follow a good routine. The Coen Brothers--scribes of this blog's titular line--had one of their biggest hits with "Fargo", and years later they followed it with their most successful film, "O Brother Where Art Thou?". But nestled between the release of these two titles is a curiosity.

"The Big Lebowski" featured Jeff Bridges taking on the character traits of film festival fixture Jeff Dowd, a key figure in the career launch of Joel and Ethan. Unlike the love it/hate it response most divisive films create this one either touched individuals personally or had them scratching their head.

Well for those with an appreciation for bowling and area rugs you should tramp over to Louisville Kentucky for the 3rd Annual Lebowski Fest, running June 18-20. Mix up a batch of white russians (made with half&half) and drive the mobile over for 3 days of Dudeness.

Lebowski Fest - an event honoring The Big Lebowski.

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