Tru-ly Disturbing Fans

By pure happenstance while researching on the web I ventured into that dark realm of compulsive internet fandom. While I always have been aware that the fractionally unbalanced can take on added significance via their modems, it may still surprise you to see the behavior firsthand. The web is a great clearing house of opportunity for those people who harbor a more than healthy interest in the luminaries of our world. Electronic shrines can be erected and like-minded obsessives can congregate to bask in the collective glow of anonymity. I stumbled upon such a place and wanted to shine a light on those who have a rather longing glance towards the actress Eliza Dushku.

Dushku leapt into our thoughts as the teenaged daughter of Arnold in "True Lies", made numerous appearances in features, and cemented her iconic status with shut-ins when she was a cast member on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Currently she stars in the prime-time effort "Tru Calling". Her approachable charisma and fetching looks easily put her in the affectionate cross-hairs. The study today is on an Eliza Dushku message board that boasts no less than 13 subjects to which the infatuated can contribute, and where the benign web design frees up the fan to reveal their Tru selves. Surprisingly the site even encourages the deviant to open up to the crowd.

Under the forum title TESTIMONIALS the sub-heading reads: "Have you met/stalked Eliza? Share your adventurous tales with every other jealous person on the forum..." This nicely addresses both those who stalk and those who envy those with the pro-active adoration. In that particular thread fans detail their brushes with fame.
A fan going by Snaglefunk responds to the notion of a face-to-face. “Dear God, I can only hope that someday it will happen. Maybe one day when I'm a rockstar.”
Less optimistic was Sacnite, who theorizes, “I believe that nobody has had the happiness of seeing in person Eliza.” For me this paints a rather lonesome existence for the young woman. It also poses a most difficult challenge for cinematographers.
Vanboy posts that Dushku lives in his building, and the responses to this news vary, from being called a “liar”, to a veiled suggestion that he should get onto her balcony to get photos, to another poster wanting to come and stay with him.
When the question of renting availability at the complex was asked another member gave a revelatory answer to the state of potential lessees: “There may be a mad rush and fight for the place to rent may end in violence (sic).
Surferstud1313 gives his account of meeting Eliza in a nightclub: “She was very down to earth out to have a good time and dance and defineatly get her drink on”. This everywoman report prodded another poster to admit they “will remain a loyal supporter for many, many decades to come.” Eliza, there are two words for this—job security. Or maybe—home security.

Kudas has his own encounter to detail, about a time that he crowded in with autograph lemmings and how he played the hero by lending Dushku his notebook for her to use so that she could sign her name for the masses. As touching as his brief meeting was, (she twice gave him an “intoxicating smile”) I’m not so sure it needed to be exposited with more than 700 words, but when he entitles this as a “Magical Encounter” it was bound to be loquacious.

For more off kilter commentary we turn to the POSTS TO ELIZA forum, where the hopeful can write a memo directly to the star--yet the host provides a caveat—“Note: It is highly unlikely Eliza will read your posts.” Undeterred there are plenty of passionate passages. Faith 881 implores ”I want to meet you cuz i like you very much you are my idol and i like you to read this plz i live in ELPASO TEXAS.” Not content Faith 881 continues in another post titled “Your Cool: “i just whant to said that you are cool and that i watch tur calling and tha is cool to and you cool in buffy tvs as faith and you are my idol.” Not to be overly critical, sweetie, but if you want to get the attention of your idol you may want to re-register at your EL PASO HIGH SCHOOL real soon.
Klevis, addressing Dushku's lineage, has a rather curious declaration to make. “hi you probably cannot speak any albanian and you probably dont want to learn but i would reccomend it because at the end of the day you are albanian.” This may call for a new song from The Vapors.
Another with the intriguing name fitnessbuff4 tries to draw the star’s attention with a post titled “Hmmmm…” but I think he blows his chances. “Eliza' you dont know me, but...I bet you would like to...heh...j/k...(where's my needle?) PSSSSsssss...(scuse me) had to pop my head!” Ummmm...moving on--
TicklerJay asks something we’d all like to know, “Hey Eliza I was just wondering if your feet are ticklish? I have seen your feet and I think they look great”.
In another section Kudas, the notebook savior, reveals he has come as close to the stalker title as any, haunting the set of “Tru-Calling”, but with good intentions. "When they start filming agaiin, I'm going to start hanging out around the set. Surely someone will realize what a perfect match Eliza and I are. Then I shall be cast as the newly hired buff guy”. A viable plan, sure, but I would not let on that you are the same guy who refers to her on the boards as “The Spicy Dorito”. It might keep you from getting your own trailer.
Now I know I run the risk of sounding like the very subjects of this piece, but I’m going to go out on a limb. I would like to send my own message to the star of Tru Calling, and the upcoming “The Kiss”. Consider this my attempt to contact the starlet, my bold attempt to reach her directly with a message of warmth and affection.

Dear Eliza,
I wish you the best on your television show and hope you have many more seasons in which we may be able to enjoy you in our homes. If there is any hope at all that you get this message while staying in Vancouver to film your program there is one thing I am dying to say to you—
Please, change your address.

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