God Save the Script

When I first heard the news I cringed at the thought, but when I saw the source I blanched at the reality. The autobiography of John Lydon--better known as Johnny Rotten--titled "No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs" is, according to the Sex Pistols frontman, set for the screen. But that is not the stunner.

The name that springs up to play Rotten on camera--Justin Timberlake. As stunning as the idea of an industry hellspawn from a boy band playing a key figure in the anti-establishment iconic band even more surprising is that this idea comes from Lydon himself! And someone please explain this tidbit to me please:
he (Timberlake) agreed to play the former Sex Pistol as long as Rotten stays away from the set.
Because Justin is such a serious thespian? At this point I'm guessing that this is all a load of bullocks and Johnny is pulling off another one of his swindles.

Take my advice: if Justin gets anywhere near a Rotten leather jacket turn away and settle for the Julien Temple documentary "The Filth and the Fury".

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