I Pedaphilia Pain

Get ready, there is about to be an onslaught. June 13 of this year the Olsen twins--Mary-Kate, and that evil one, Ashley--will turn 18 years old, and there will be a testosterone overload in the media. A similar occurance happened a few years back when Anna Kournikova became legal. Suddenly every Sports Center host and sports radio DJ had her name mentioned and her images referenced with abandon. Expect double the hype when Olsen and her doppleganger turn legal.

This never addressed fact indicates that there is a wellspring of unhealthy obsession with underage sylphs in this society. Clearly these men have been leering at the nyphets in their youth and see the 18th year as a way of justifying their youngblood lust. Richard Roeper, one of the thumbs of "At the Movies" at least expresses his feeling uncomfortable with this adolescent infatuation in this month's Esquire Magazine titled "The Jailbait Dilemma". He discusses various young actresses that he encounters on screen and in interviews and the squirm-worthy feeling that they are positioned as sexy. He mentions a Q & A he did with young Ms. Duff where at certain angles she appeared like a 30 year old divorce'. This is where the line blurs, between the depravity of a libidinous adult audience and those who are cultivating the public image of these girls. The build up behind the Olsens indicates there may be guilty parties on both sides of the coin being dropped into the peep show slot. Already people are taking an unhealthy facination with these twin ingenue millionaires, and it will only get worse.

Though far from AARP age, I don't see this as a sexually healthy attitude. Can it be that 38 year old women are not sexy, or sexual? Do no men obsess over females who are exploring in their later years? (Besides you Kutcher, put your hand down.) I'm sorry, but I'd take a Diane Lane over any baby-sitting club member, but that's why I'm not living in Hollywood I guess.

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