From Bambino to Bartman: Do these Guys Warrant a Movie?

Last year's baseball playoff round was a tale of two cities, except there was no contrast with which to juxtapose the towns, no "Best of/Worst of"--it was simply worse on both counts. The antics of Cub fan Steve Bartman and the subsequent meltdown of the baby bears overshadowed the fact that the BoSox also were busy at what they do best. While hardball purists were hoping for a pairing of the losers in the finale and a cathertic release in one of the cities, as expected both clubs tanked in the approach.

That is why I am surprised to hear that a documentary is on the horizon that details the 2003 season of the Boston Red Sox. As if Beantown residents haven't suffered enough there will now be a feature that painfully details the travails of their beloved failures over the decades. I don't get it, I mean, they lost! The Florida Marlins took the flag and all they were able to rank was to become the namesake of a clownfish.

As if this film won't cause enough heartache among the rougue hose set here's one additional dig: The doc will be made by ThinkFilm, a New York based production company.

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