The Term is Confluence

Sometimes the most subtle things come together and might be bypassed if you do not pay attention. During a day dedicated to leisure activities I obtained an impressive and well constructed Rocky Patell Vintage 1990 box-pressed pyramid, and at my favorite clothier I drooled for an hour at the new movie line of clothes before settling on a beautiful martini glass.

So I have the Patell fired up and sipping on a Fris Lime Martini when I scroll over to the Florida Film Festival page to get the results of their recent event. The audience award winner turns out to be "Happy Hour", starring Anthony LaPaglia and Eric Stoltz. We featured it in our own Fest a few months back and it was one I liked for personal reasons.

Was it ironic that I'm sipping a see-through while reading about a film that was about a failed writer with a drinking problem? Not at all. We are not at all alike--I do not have a drinking problem.

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