Martha: Blue Jumpuits are the New Orange Jumpsuits

Yesterday every conceivable media outlet lept up to tell the world Martha Stewart was found guilty, and I couldn't have yawned more. I am somewhat perplexed at the media feeding-frenzy surrounding the doyenne of doilies. Now that she is in big trouble I have seen her face more than Stanley Tucci did after getting maced by a hallucinogenic toad when she was in "Big Trouble". I just have a hard time grasping all this elation people have that she is to be incarcerated in a sparsely festooned cell. Why? Because she dared to suggest improvements can be made on things? Actually, it does make sense, given mankind's normal reaction when someone dares to suggest how to live a better life. (No I'm not suggesting Martha is equal to Christ, it was a comparison of reactions--please reserve emails).

Personally, I would have to say that Cybill Shepherd should have been tossed in stir for her over the top scenery chewing portrayal in "Martha Inc..." ("Hey, slut! I'm writing your mother a letter telling her you're a whore.") Guess there's no such thing as justice.

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