Just Don't Dishonor the work of Roberto Benigni

A tremulous wave of excitement stretched across the pond as Americans became duly aware of the reality--nay the enormity--of the news. Yes, just mere days after Blake Edwards was honored with a lifetime Oscar we now receive confirmation: They're going to make another "Pink Panther" movie!!!
After 11 arduous years we now can take solace that this venerated series of comedic platinum is set to return. I can sense you are all vibrating with anticipation awaiting who will play Cleuseau. That name? Steve Martin!

We have come to expect that over the years Clouseau is somewhat crazy, maybe even wild on occassion, but now there is a chance that he can be both! Let's just hope Martin brings more of "Roxanne" to the role than "Sgt. Bilko". The real teast will become whether or not he rates his own Pez dispenser.

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