Be Careful What You Dish For

The digital revolution continues and the opportunity for top-flight viewing broadens. Nowadays we can scroll hundreds of channels from the satellite and watch the digital signal on a High-Definition plasma screen television. But like Oppenheimer and his boys we maybe should question whether or not all this technology is for the better. Phillip Swann writes in Television Week that while HD may be an excellent forum for sports it becomes a different story when watching dramatic features. The problem? The picture quality is so good that it manages to reveal the details behind the makeup jobs of the stars.

While he points to Cameron Diaz as an example I cannot help but wonder what some fading Starlets may look like after being doctored for the lens. (Here's the whole list to look over before going to Best Buy.) I have a sneaking suspicion that was an old picture of Streisand and that she actually appears much different today. Of course there is a flip side to this techological irony. Those with a suffering image now may have an explanation. "That's not the real me--that's a high-definition distortion."

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