Those Were the Dees

Longtime Los Angeles DJ and host of the syndicated "Weekly Top 40", Rick Dees has announced that he is retiring from his microphone as LA's leading morning drive personality. Dees' popularity has inflicted the nation with a few curses, notably the "Morning Zoo" radio phenomenon that invaded most urban centers. You can debate whether Dees created this format but he certainly helped make it the pollutant that it has become.

Surprisingly being the #1 radio jock in Dream Town netted very few film roles for Dees. His most notable was years ago in the Lou-Diamond Phillips high water mark"La Bamba", and some sporadic voice work in cartoons. He is probably best known for unleashing his hit single Disco Duck, which stands as the second worst duck-based affliction we had to endure, second only to the supposed film "Howard The Duck". You kids today, complaining about Jar-Jar Binks--you don't know how lucky you are. We had to endure this manifestation from George Lucas. We would have been thrilled with Jar-Jar, by comparison. Think Binks was misguided? George dropped $2 million on the duck suit alone! This film was so bad that it seemed to be an offense against what was a rather disturbed source. And when things were already bad enough we got treated to love scenes between the duck and Lea Thompson, with lingering shots of the reedy Thompson in her lingere'. Now tell me how bad you have it with Jar-Jar...

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