Indie Jones

I had to miss the Indie Spirit Awards proceedings last night as I was working past midnight, but I'll get the replay recorded today--cool that the show played on both Bravo and IFC.

If you missed it "Lost in Translation" swept most of the statues. I was pulling for "Virgin" to win something. I met with the director while it played here at our theater and it truly has its indie cred. She shot it for about $60k, and as of yet she has no distribution. I'm trying to see if she can hook up with a local distrib here in town to at least get it shown in some theaters.

And about that trophy. It appears as some vague form of a flying eagle, of sorts, but I like the original that they gave out in the early days of the awards. It was a crystal pyramid that had shoe laces hanging inside, emblematic of the budgets the features had been shot with. It is a far cry from today when many of the recognized films were bankrolled in the millions. Still, the spirit lives on, I guesss.

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