Maybe His Picture is Hanging in the Camaro Museum

He conquered our beaches, but that was not enough. David Hasselhoff has expressed dismay that he is not featured in a museum with other artifacts concerning the Berlin wall. The way Dave sees it he was instrumental in bringing down the barrier. Well, maybe not intrument-al--he sang some songs--but still, where's the love? Turns out he gave a concert back in 1989 at the Brandenburg gate in formerly bi-sected Berlin, and his song "Looking for Freedom" brought down the house, if not the wall. In Dave's opinion it was this concert, listened to by East Germans who didn't speak English, and not Reagan's declaration that Gorby hit the bricks, that united Germany.

We can take solace that he appears to be able to shrug off this blatant snub, for Dave is working on a film version of "Knight Rider"! I can only dream of a double-bill with the George Cloony film in the works. In the article Dave also addresses the fact of American audiences making light of his German popularity.

"Many Americans joke about my popularity in Germany. But they have no idea how beautiful Europe is and how rich it is in culture and fun and warmth and children."

Yea, it's a real shame we in America can only dream what it might be like to experience fun, and children. As for that famed German warmth... But to help Dave out here, let me clarify. We were not ridiculing the Germans, were were ridiculing you. In light of the revelation that you united Germany however, I propose renaming the former communist border crossing. "Checkpoint Dave" has a ring to it.

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