A Wing and a Pear

I just got through talking with someone about air travel, having just flown "The Apathetic Skies", and we were both bemoaning the same two complaints: No in-flight movie, and a "meal" that I wouldn't send with a kid to summer camp. This of course bypasses many other gripes, (chairs designed for interrogations and aisles so narrow that the drink cart slammed into my arm often enough that I now require Tommy John surgery). It makes me yearn for an era I never experienced--or maybe even never existed.

What a comfort it was to find a web page dedicated to combining both meals and movies, although I'm sure with a little work they could have come up with more than four titles. Particularly absent was "Airplane!", and its famous subplot concerning "the chicken or the fish", but that could be understandable. This site seems a tad obsessive about the subject matter and I doubt the host embraced that film's indictment of the bill of fare.

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