Cloning--It Totally Xerox!!

Dolly the cloned sheep dominated headlines forever, it seemed, and yet that dose of reality was pushed aside when George Lucas unleashed a war of dopplegangers on the big screen. However, all was not perfect with the Lucas carbons. And worse yet, Lucas has now pronounced his biggest offense since Jar-Jar binks--The Force will be sporting mullets!

But just as the Star Wars excitement was starting to ebb news broke recently that had the world agog anew. Nearly one year since we said "goodbye Dolly" came the announcement that human dupes may have become a reality. I don't even want to explore the numerous ramifications this entails, but I now see that I am not the only one who has concerns with the new technology. A Kentucky killer was apprehended and he had less than cogent reasons for his carnage, stating he was "staging a coup" against cloning and promising officials that, "You're about to see armageddon." I mean really, hasn't he inflicted enough pain ? After this I just have to worry for Michael Keaton's safety.

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