Really a Mickey Mouse Operation

The 2004 year is shaping up as one in need of pixie dust for The House of Mouse. It is only Feburary and already Disney would like to see 2005 as soon as possible. First the namesake of the founder bolted from the board this past November, exposing the turmoil in a fight with CEO Michael Eisner. Next was the acrimonious divorce with animation geniuses Pixar Studios. Now, after news that the board may be shopping for a replacement to Eisner, news comes out that after rebuffing the advances of Comcast the cable monolith may simply move ahead with a takeover. Even their hockey team has gone from the Stanley Cup finals to the basement in the standings.

It is beginning to make sense why many employed by the conglomerate refer to their place of employment as "Moushwitz". One thing to be sure is that their fortunes won't turn around with the release of a half-assed direct-to-video release. Or maybe that's full-assed. The story of this prequel involves a plotline concentrating on warthog Pumbaa's flatulence that is significant enough that Disney is sending out samples of Gas-X with its promotional materials. You know, it is not too late for Comcast to rethink this whole plan.

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