Walking Around With A Heart On

This being Valentines day I'm betting that, like most men, you hear the song "2 of a kind, workin' on a full house" and you think of poker, and this means you need to boost your romanticism. The key? This is the lone day of the year that it is permissable to watch a Nora Ephron movie with your beloved. Gird yourself, because you will be hit with numerous implausabilities, unrestrained treacle, and a torrent of Harry Connick Jr.

My suggestion--try to lobby for Serendipity. It is every bit as syrupy as anything by Ms. Ephron, which would give you points, but it stretches logic and conventions enough that your date may end up laughing along with you.

On another note authorities in Florida just made it more difficult for us men to do right by our women. At least it brings to mind another possible title for today. Then again, maybe not.

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