So What is Her Name if SHE is Nasty?

Everyone is talking about the Joe Eszterhas scripted Super Bowl halftime show. You can imagine how shocked Janet Jackson's family must be at her willingness to bare it all for the masses. I mean, what must Latoya think of this? Meanwhile the nation is in shock at this blatant sexuality being shown during the wholesome Super Bowl. It is a shame that this display has to detract from the Puritanical displays of cheerleader cleavages and erectile dysfunction commercials. I harken back to last year's game when we had the old-fashioned Miller-Lite lesbian cat-fight--and we were happy.

The Justin-Janet flap can be viewed one of two ways--or maybe both. Considering Janet is stretching deep into her thirties her hormonal connection to the younger lad-band member was recently addressed on screen. However the appearance of a white male tearing away the clothing of a nubian female does remind me of another Hollywood classic.

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