Technically, There is no Food During a Fast

Easily one of the most talked-about films out at Sundance was a documentary, Morgan Spurlock's "Super Size Me", for which he won a directing award. His team also had the best street marketing, with their posters and "unhappy meal" swag giveaways, and you could not go a day without seeing somebody in a "Super Size Me" ski cap. However, while these made perfect sense at the festival, walking around your hometown with that phrase on your forehead may provoke stares and whispers.

While Spurlock managed to get himself a distribution deal I'm certain there will be a share of legal hoops to jump through. For now at least here is an unattributed statement from Spurlock's Golden Arch enemy.

Morgan's movie better hit the theaters soon, or else more instances like this will keep happening. On the flip side of the bun, Spurlock's minions may be secretly carrying out a guerilla campaign as we speak into the clown's mouth.

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