Make 'em Watch a Movie About Curing Cancer

It seems to have happened yet again, an impressionable teen has watched a movie and it made...an impression. A Jersey guy was arrested for breaking into his high school and had in his possession, along with a lock-picking device, a ticket stub to the film The Perfect Score. The film details the exploits of a group of teens who pull a heist to get the answers to the SAT.

The connection between movies and idiotic antics(read tidbits) will surface once again. My initial reaction to these reports has been that Hollywood should make more inspirational pictures, hoping it might provoke positive reactions. However, not only has it been proven not to work I came to a realization: those who imitate what's on screen always watch crap.

As a result I feel that those who emulate life threatening stunts should be free to do so. It leads to what Darwin might refer to as culling the herd, the self-elimination of the weaker members for the betterment of the species. And if you are the slack-jawed type who is prone to act out what you witness at the cineplex, there is a name for you--in fact there is a movie.

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