"Whine-Stein 2: Return of the Mountain Man"

For the second time this week Miramax poobah Harvey Weinstein has spoken out about the harsh treatment his firm's film Cold Mountain has received from The Acadamy. 3 days ago I gave you his take that the earlier Oscar schedule hurt his film's chances. Now, at Berlin Film Festival, Hahvee has gone completely Oliver Stone on us.

Harv's latest idear is that there has been some serious backlash to the news that the film was shot in Romania:

Weinstein stopped short of calling it a boycott by voters but said negative press may have resulted in "a move to deny the movie awards."
Director Anthony Minghella said:
"There has been a reaction in America and a real campaign to stop movies leaving America to shoot."

I can't tell you how many times people at work stopped me to comment on their opinion of "Cold Mountain" being filmed in Europe. It's as if Sunday night never happened

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